Although buffalo in a herd are extremely placid, this animal has the reputation of being the most dangerous of the African species to hunt. When wounded they have been known to circle and stalk their hunters, and a charging buffalo with head outstretched is difficult to stop as the heavy boss can deflect or stop even the bullet of a heavy rifle. A buffalo at birth weighs from 40kgs, adult males have a mass of up to 1760 pounds and females weigh up to 1650 pounds.






Blue Wildebeest

With a theatrical array of noises and strange movements and said to comprise of bits and pieces of all the other animals of the savanna, the ungainly wildebeest is an integral part of the character of the African bush. Where water and grazing are available all year round the populations are sedentary, but in seasonally variable habitats they migrate in their thousands. Bulls weigh 250 kg and measures 1.5 m at the shoulders. Cows are slightly smaller, measuring 1.4 m at the shoulder and with a mass of 180 kg.


Bush Pig

The Bush Pig is a strong, stocky pig with powerful forequarters. Its upper tusks are barely visible, but the lower tusks are razor sharp and grow to 7cm in length. It is very dangerous when surprised in the bush or wounded during hunting, it can inflict serious wounds with the sharp, protruding canines. An adult boar measures up 900mm at the shoulder and can weigh as much 60 Kgs.


The seldom seen Bushbuck is something of an enigma. Although normally shy and elusive, the males are known to be exceptionally aggressive and there is at least one case of a bushbuck ram fatally goring a human. They have a ventriloquil call which confuses predators as to their whereabouts. 


Closely resembling the American lynx, the Caracal is extremely widespread but is seldom seen due to its secretive and solitary habits. It is known to be extremely aggressive when cornered. Female average weight is 11kgs and the male weighs from 15kgs.


It is evident from their legacy of rock art that the docile eland held a special place in the culture of the indigenous San people (Bushmen). The eland is the largest of the African antelope, and when walking, the adults produce a characteristic clicking noise from their knees which can be heard over a considerable distance. Males can grow to a shoulder height of 1,7 metres and weigh about 900 Kg.


The Gemsbok is a large antelope of striking appearance with long, spearlike horns. It has a thick, horselike neck with a short mane and a compact, muscular body. A defined pattern of black markings that contrast with the white face and fawn-colored body are prominently displayed in dominance rituals to emphasize the length of horns and strength of the shoulder. Average Mass: 240 kg (528 lb).  Average Shoulder Height:
120 cm (47")


The beauty of this graceful antelope is frequently overlooked as a result of its abundance, and despite often being referred to as 'the hamburger of the bush', the Impala is a creature full of surprises. 28 to 36 inches tall; weight: 100 to 135 pounds



Their colloquial name means 'rock jumper', and this is entirely appropriate for this sure-footed antelope. Their hoofs are specially adapted for the rocky environment in which they live and they can scamper up virtually vertical rock-faces. Weighing 11-13 Kg and standing 500-600mm high at the shoulders.


The long elegant eyelashes, the disproportional large pink ears and the spectacular spiralling horns of the male make the Kudu one of Africas great showpieces. Famous for their fence-jumping abilities, they have been known to clear heights of 3.5m under stress. Bulls can weigh as much as 300 Kg with a shoulder height of 1.4m and cows weigh 210 Kg with a shoulder height of 1.25m.


Beneath the canopy of the tall, often fruit-bearing trees that stand proudly on the banks of dry, sandy riverbeds, the stately nyala can often be seen following after troops of baboons waiting to take advantage of what the busy primates knock down. Height: Male = 112 cm (about 3 1/2 feet); Female = 97 cm (about 3 feet). Weight: Male = 107 kg (about 200 pounds) Female = 62 kg (about 120 lb.)

Red Hartebeest

The Red Hartebeest is a large, reddish-fawn antelope with sloping back and long narrow face. Both sexes have heavily ringed horns. Of the 12 subspecies described in Africa, the Red Hartebeest is the only one which occurs in South Africa. Due to its re-introduction onto game farms and nature reserves, it has a wider distribution today. Adult bulls weigh 150 kg and measure 1.3 m at the shoulders, while cows only weigh 120 kg.

Common Reedbuck

The reedbuck is not a fast runner and relies heavily on thick cover to avoid predators. A shrill alarm whistle is very often the only indication of its presence. Average Mass:
70 kg (175 lb) Average Shoulder Height:  91.44 cm (36")

Mountain Reedbuck

A medium-sized, graceful and shy antelope. Rams attain a mass of about 32 Kg and measures 750mm at shoulder. Ewes are smaller at 30 Kg. Fur is predominantly grey, but the head and shoulders are a reddish-brown. It has a fluffy white tail and striking white underparts.  Forward curved horns are only found on rams. This species has long narrow ears.


Being extremely sensitive to changes in their habitat, the Roan is now rare throughout most of its distributional range. They are apparently reluctant to share water holes with other game.  Bulls weigh 270 Kg and measures 1.4 m at the shoulder. Cows are smaller and weigh between 170 to 210 Kg. They have long tufted tails.


The majestic Sable is one of only a few antelope species that effectively use their horns against predators and they have been known to drive off leopard and deter even lions and spotted hyenas. 
Sable stand about 45 to 55 inches at the shoulder; Weight: 400 - 500 pounds.


Bulls have a mass of 140 Kg and measure 1.2 m at the shoulders, and are slightly larger than cows which weigh approximately 120 Kg. Both sexes grow horns, but those on bulls are heavier. When viewed from the front the horns appear typical half-moon shaped. It has a dark face with purple blotches on the shoulders, whereas the withers and upper body are reddish-brown.


The warthog is an animal that evokes a kaleidoscope of emotions, but despite its rather comical appearance, its razor sharp tusks make it a formidable adversary, a fact many an indignant leopard would testify to. Boars stand 680mm high and weigh 80 Kg. Sows are smaller at a height of 600mm and an average mass of 57 Kg.

Male waterbuck


As their name suggests, Waterbuck are always found in close association with water and will even readily take to crocodile-infested pools and rivers to avoid predators. They are the first herbivores to suffer during periods of prolonged drought. Bulls have a shoulder height of 1.4 metres and can weigh up to 260 Kg.


The Blesbuck is one of the antelope that are endemic to South Africa, thus found naturally nowhere else in the world. They are primarily a grassland animal and are very common in the highveld of South Africa. Large herds of Blesbuck are common and during winter can form herds of hundreds of animals. Average weight: Male 70kg and Female 61kgs.